Cost of Survey


Thank you for your interest in a geopathic and electromagnetic house survey. Properties are surveyed for both geopathic and electromagnetic energies and assessed according to the guidelines set out by the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology which takes into consideration the non thermal affects of pulsed electromagnetic radiation unlike government guidelines which only take into consideration thermal effects.  Normally a 3-4  bedroom house will take about 2 hours to complete together with report and advice for any remedial action if found necessary. Larger houses will take longer to survey.

Survey costs depend on how far I have to travel from my home town of Hove to the venue and how large the house or flat is as it takes longer to survey a 10 bedroom house than it does to a typical 3-4 bedroom house which most of us own. To simplify the matter I have cone up with the following formulae:

Cost of a geopathic & electromagnetic survey up to a 4 bedroom dwelling:  £240.00. Normally a survey takes about 2 hours to complete together with a report and advice for remedial action if found necessary.

If you have a house bigger than 4 bedrooms then add £25 on top for each bedroom. I survey the whole house not just bedrooms.

Travel costs is the price of my return standard rail ticket from Hove to your nearest station where someone will meet me. If you live less than an hours drive from Brighton Sussex  I will probably drive and let you know the travel cost.

If my total travel time is over 5 hours then add £50

Cost of home Survey From January 2017 

Up to 4 bedroom house of flat:  240.00

5 Bedroom House: £265

6 Bedroom House: £290

Travel Costs:

You will have to add the cost of travel on a standard rail ticket from Hove Station to your nearest station.

Journey Time

If my total journey time is over 5 hours then there is an extra £50 to pay.