Wolfgang Maes on

Geopathic Stress




Lecture by Wolfgang Maes,
Bau-biologist IBN, Journalist DVJ, Germany
World Research Foundation Congress
Oct 5-7, 1990, Warner Center Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Distributed with permission for IBE educational purposes only

When it comes to the topic of earth radiation, water veins and earth dislocations – the so-called geological disturbances – the layperson will usually associate this with hocus-pocus concepts such as “Dowsers,” often a man with large whiskers and an ironic smile.

Many people do not believe the dowser’s tale, and associate it with occult illusion – even if successes have been reported simply by moving a bed to a different area of the room.

The most common reason for the prejudice of the person listening -- who generally considers himself to be modern
and intelligent -- is the fact that nowhere do we find so
many absurdities, contradictions and “silly things” as in this area.

Ten allegedly qualified dowsers generally come to ten different conclusions in the same apartment or building. This often results in the purchase of expensive screening and de-jamming devices, for which only the unreliable producer and distributor gets any profit. Their findings usually provide shockingly different interpretations of the biological effects of natural conditions.

I am sickened when I am told how people play tricks with the fears and hopes of seriously ill individuals.

I hope to make a contribution in this area so that we may have an objective discussion of this subject.

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The Earth Radiates Energy Everywhere

For years, sensitive electronic measuring devices have verified the old knowledge about earth radiations. We all know that the earth – in fact, all of life – “radiates” as a natural process.
There exists a strong terrestrial magnetic field, which guarantees that the top of a compass is always drawn to the north, no matter where you are in the world.

You can actually measure the natural radioactive radiation from the earth, all over the globe. There is no place on earth without terrestrial radiation.

We are born amid these natural manifold-radiating processes and there is no doubt that they are appropriate, important, healthy, and life protecting.

Peculiar Zones

But there are also zones (areas) where radiation intensities are noticeably different from the norm.

I might measure a level of radiation along a long-line, for example, and often the intensity will change suddenly, giving me an entirely different value. These zones can have a diameter between several inches to several yards. Once I move past this zone, the striking radiation intensity can decrease, giving me a “normal’ value again.

Sometimes these higher intensity zones are
frequent and can be detected every other yard
or so. Sometimes you find them only after a longer search and in large intervals.

It differs from area to area.

It is interesting to note that gifted dowsers will show swinging of rods or pendulums exactly where you would measure these significant anomalies too. It has been known for a long time that underground watercourses and geological dislocation produce spectacular radiation intensities.

I do not like to define, prematurely, every swing of a rod by a gifted dowser or every measured peculiarity as a “water vein” or a “dislocation.” I have never dug into the ground to find the object which I assumed to be in existence while I was measuring on top of the ground.

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It is the task of science to connect one thing with another, and to analyze these connections. The present experiences are not yet satisfactory. This is especially true in reference to the relation between earth radiation and health.


My practical experience is sufficient for me to know that concentrations of terrestrial radiation can be measured, and the findings will show noticeable differences from natural points of reference in the natural environment. There is no doubt that this is part of our terrestrial reality.

The Various Possibilities in Measuring Earth Radiation

What do we really measure, with our sensitive electronic instruments, if the objects are earth radiation, geological disturbances, water veins and dislocations?

I refer to my own personal experiences, with different measuring approaches, and do not pretend exclusiveness.


Let us start with a small anomaly of the magnetic field.

That means: when you are above geological disturbances you can measure the distortion of the terrestrial magnetic field, similarly to that of magnetic steel.

Here the compass is not the appropriate device because the declinations are so small that they cannot generate any substantial swing. Sensitive magnetometers can, however, easily make these distortions visible and can be defined as biologically effective by experts.

This measurement approach is not appropriate for house and bedroom examinations, however, because the artificial distortions coming from steel used in construction, materials, metal fixtures, and even the bed itself, can cause a blur in the measurement or make a reading entirely impossible.

Using technical equipment outside is quite
possible. Progressive dowsers like to use the
magnetometer approach to confirm their sensitive swing of the rod, or the assumptions

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coming from pendulum swings. This method is only justified when you know that artificial fields, from say – magnetic steel, are not in the area.

1. One Spring Mattress = 100 Water Veins

I think the argument is exaggerated; that these anomalies of terrestrial magnetic fields above geological disturbances are sufficient to cause biological problems. That is hardly possible because the magnetic field of some spring mattresses equals more than a hundred water veins.

Conclusion: Though you can measure geological peculiarities, the application – in rooms – is rarely reliable. The importance of these findings to the area above the disturbance is very much in dispute.

2. Air Ions

A second peculiarity, as far as earth radiation is concerned, is that air ions often change. I am only at the very beginning in that sort of research. It is promising, but by no means mature. After hundreds of tests, I can say: With special ion meters (electronic instruments that measure the number of small ions in the air) you can detect increased measurement values above the area of a disturbance – particularly in the range of positive air ions.

Ion measurements are extremely difficult and ambiguous since many factors in your house mix up the air ions even more than the terrestrial radiation is capable of.

Electric fields are an especially important factor.

This measurement is just impossible under the influence of an electrically radiating wall, or an electrostatically loaded curtain.

I have discovered that a plastic bag, within a five-yard distance of the measurement, can change the environment of the air ions more radically than what could be possible from the geological subsoil.

3. The VHF Field Strength

Measurements of the VHF field strength often show a drop in the measurement curve when taken above disturbances. Many dowsers and building biologists use this approach.

Within buildings, however, evaluations are almost impossible as the measurements within walls are highly unreliable. You always find declinations of the field strength coming from construction materials, fixtures, plants, walls, shelves, tables ... and even

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the person performing the measurement.

One has to be very critical and attentive so as not to be taken in by too rash and incorrect conclusions. True measurements take a lot of time and you must have a lot of experience.

Many manuals say that locating geological disturbances by using the VHF field strength is child’s play. The results of these unqualified statements are that credulous laymen go over their bedrooms with a 30 dollar portable radio and assume there are water veins (and other phenomena of terrestrial radiation) whenever NBC or ABC gets bad reception, or a song by Elvis is jammed by noise. It would be nice if things were so easy.

4. Measurements of Skin Resistance

When geological disturbances exist, the human skin resistance changes quite quickly. The corresponding measurements are known as “geo-rhythmogram” or “electro- geobioscopy.”

The geo-rhythmogram measures the skin resistance of a person from hand to hand with simple electrodes and a fitting ohm-meter. The much more exact electro- geobioscopy measures the skin resistance between one hand and acupuncture points on the other hand. Work is done with special electrodes and devices that are known from electro-acupuncture. My electro-geobioscopic measurements use test devices that are well tested in medicine: Aschoff, MORA, and Vega.

When the skin resistance of a test person is normal, at 40 kilo ohm (Aschoff), the values can go up to 100, 200, or even higher when you are above zones of disturbance.

This sounds easy, but it is not so in practice. Even experts face a lot of difficulties.

The measurement depends upon a lot of factors in order to be reproducible: The skin quality of the test person, the moisture of the skin, the pressure of the measuring electrodes on the skin, the correct locations of the acupuncture points, the quality of the devices, the degree of the traumatization of the measuring points at the heads, the general constitution of the person ...

Even when all pre-conditions are fulfilled some problems remain: All stimuli towards the test person will be included into the measurement. All stimuli, a synthetic shirt, radiating construction materials, depression, an electro-magnetic field, heavy metal, a cigarette before the test, a gloomy thought about the mother-in-law ... all stimuli.

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That means: the human being reacts to all stress like stimuli. And the reaction is perceivable in a measurable change of the skin resistance.

Only with enough experience can you relate anomalies of the skin resistance to geological stimuli, and totally exclude that they are not produced from radio alarms or a spring mattress.

If you can do that, then the physical measurement can be reproduced and give a reliable result. You should consider however, that every response of a human being to the stimuli of his environment is a specific one, it’s individual, and cannot be easily transferred to others.

5. Measurement of Radioactivity

Particularly interesting is the fifth possible approach to measuring terrestrial radiation. Above geological disturbances you will detect significant rises of natural radioactivity.

That means: As I measure the natural radioactive radiation with a sensitive radiometer, I will get values of 100 percent or more if the measure is above a so-called disturbance zone.

Though the natural basic radioactivity of the earth has some local differences due to climate and the earth level, the base level is generally consistent.

From my experience, regular and reproducible increases in radioactivity above geological stimuli areas, in the range of up to 100 percent, are profound and are significant. Sometimes the swing of the pointer goes significantly beyond 100 percent. Sometimes as high as 300 to 400 percent.

This is from gamma and neutron rays. This radioactive electromagnetic radiation is considered the most penetrating, strongest and biologically most hazardous kind of all of the known radioactive rays.

Admittedly, the increased dosage from terrestrial
radiation might be relatively small. But no one
can deny that an avoidable risk exists under
long-term influence, such as sleeping every night
for eight hours in the same physical position, and doing that for many years.

If you can sleep for the next 20 years with only half the amount of radioactive disintegrations -- after a change of the bedroom position – then, as a matter of caution, I see no reason to stay in the area that is doubly charged.

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Harmless minimal dosages do not exist. Regardless of the kind of radiation, no sensible scientist dares to contradict this opinion.


I think it is greatly exaggerated to speak rashly of “cancer zones” if you are referring to terrestrial radiation and other corresponding peculiarities.

But I think that it is equally ignorant to continue doing business as usual.

According to my own personal experience, and the findings of innumerable research and test reports, the healing successes after moving the bed cannot be discounted merely as psychological reaction placebo or coincidence.

Again this common saying is true: “The dosage is the poison.”

All sorts of radiation can be healthy or hazardous. That is the same for the earth as for the sun. Too much sun is dangerous. Can too much earth be dangerous as well?

Terrestrial radiation penetrates iron, plastic, glass, whole houses ... everything.


During a meeting in Seattle, USA, I detected this phenomenon in a 22 floor hotel, on six different levels: in the underground garage, at the first floor near the reception, and on the roof -- always the same high values, down below and at the top, on the same premises.

You have to be cautious if artificial radioactive heating radiators are nearby. I can tell you a thing or two about that!

As you know, I have found houses in which the radioactive radiation was higher than that which could be found in playgrounds and public swimming pools near the Chernobyl accident.

The reason for this is radioactive construction materials: cinders, ashes, chemical gypsum, tiles, pumice and metallurgical stones -- all sorts of possible and impossible industry waste.

It’s dangerous recycling within your own home.

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In such an environment, you should not care about terrestrial radiation any longer. Would you measure a chirping cricket in the midst of a noisy rock concert?

Additionally, certain antiques, minerals and glazes – in direct range of your body – can radiate so strongly that biological risks can become immense.

While visiting three patients with brain tumors, I found just beside the head of one person a very old alarm clock that was radiating radioactivity; with another, a dark green glazed image of St. Mary, and in the third room an orange art nouveau ashtray. In all three cases, the radioactivity coming from these items were several times higher than the law allows for workers in nuclear power plants – and for a short period of time only.

Measurement Devices: The Scintillation Counter

For measuring terrestrial radiation, I use my most expensive instruments: highly sensitive scintillation counters. For measuring construction material, I use proportional and Geiger-Muller-counter tubes, and xenon-large-area detectors.

My experiences with measurements of radioactivity soon led to the decision to build a measuring device especially well-suited for building, biological, and geo-biological work, and one that was constructed to my own specifications. It is called the scintillation counter.

The very high sensitivity of the third prototype convinced me: more than 250 impulses per second in a normal radiation background, and more than 500 impulses per second on geologically disturbed surfaces. This was the right device.

A scintillation counter receives gamma rays via a crystal sensor. The rays are converted into light flashes, boosted as electrical impulses via a photo-multiplier and then calculated and displayed by sophisticated electronics.

Besides its extreme measuring preciseness, the scintillation counter has the particular advantage of being extremely sensitive to gamma rays. It is the only device with a high degree of sensitivity for neutrons.

The relationships became more and more obvious. I became more and more excited. The search for books and the exchange of experiences started. There was also a large amount of frustration involved. I seemed to be the only person interested in the subject.

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Finally, I obtained some references. Wust had already reported about measurements of gamma rays at “geopathic zones.” The scientists, physicists and doctors Williams, Weber, Cody, Lorenz and Bickel (the last one from California) had made similar successful experiments.

The picture became more complete when I met Jakob Stangle for the first time. He, more than anybody else, has shown that there is a relationship between subterraneous water sources and ionizing radioactive radiation.

Jakob Stangle’s Scintillation Measurements

Hundreds of successful well drillings are the result of his scintillation measurements. He has opened up thermal fountains in numerous spas in Europe. Some of the well- known mineral waters exist only because he found their origin deep in the earth. He has supplied many communities with precious water.

With his super-sensitive measuring device (of more than 1,000 impulses per second!), he has shown that you can find water from the ground surface - guaranteed.

More than 35 years of experience makes it possible for Stangle to define, with his measurements, the exact depth, the amount – to the very gallon -- the mineralization, and the temperature of the localized water.

The Daimler-Benz company made five expensive unsuccessful drillings before they called Jakob Stangle with his scintillation counter. The sixth drilling was the final one. They found water, which had the prophesied 17 degree hardness, and which flowed abundantly. A similar situation happened at IBM. Comparable findings were made for other large companies.

35 years ago, Bad Zurzach became a spa. All bells rang when the drilling machine cut the granite crack 500 yards below – out of which the curative water came. Jakob Stangle had estimated that it was between 490 to 510 yards to water. He and his measurement device were right. The future of the Swiss town was guaranteed.

More than 60 years ago, Baron von Pohl located all subterraneous water veins in Vilsbiburg / Bavaria with his rod, and recorded them on a map of the town. There turns out to be significant relationships between these zones and cancer patients of the town, as they were sleeping exactly above these zones.

In 1972 Jakob Stangle walked through Vilsbiburg with his scintillation counter and totally confirmed the work of his sensitive predecessor by exact measurements, in two absolute blind tests.

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An architect intended to buy and renovate a large villa at the Baldeney Lake in Essen, Germany. My measurement of the radioactivity, with the scintillation counter, showed a 12-yard wide disturbance that could be detected in the whole house, outside the building, and in the nearby yard.

The skeptic went to the geological state agency and got confirmation of my findings. He found there was indeed a water-bearing dislocation, which was officially plotted on two geological maps made in 1911 and in 1980.

I would not have thought of that. Live and learn.

Another time, a doctor recommended to the manager of a concert agency to have her home examined by me. She lived to the south of Baldeney Lake. There, I found the same rare results: anomalies throughout the entire house.

She also looked into the geological maps and found the disturbance was mapped by the Krefeld agency.

After these results, I bought several geological maps from North Rhine Westfalia, Germany, and checked ten plotted geological disturbances with my measuring devices. In all cases, my scintillation counter showed, for hundreds of yards, values that were well above average.

You cannot get a better reproduction than that.

The Primary Hazard – Radioactivity

Dr. Dieter Aschoff, active for decades in the topic of terrestrial radiation and corresponding diseases, confirmed that the scintillation counter shows the primary factor for the hazardous effects of disturbance zones: radioactivity.

He sees a relationship between the measurements and the neutron radiation in the earth as moderated from water veins. In his opinion, the radiation is received by the crystal in the device.

That would explain a lot of things, for example, why the geological stimulus can be fully detected even on the top floor of the skyscraper. Neutrons can penetrate nearly

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unhindered, for miles, through all solid materials.

Only water and a few other specific materials moderate the flow. Therefore, the radiation can be distinctly measured because it does not penetrate without being registered. It disintegrates much earlier than normal, and thus produces a measurable dose.

Radioactivity does not only disintegrate in water, but also in the human body. Dr. Aschoff knows, like any other doctor, that neutron radiation can produce mutations. Neutrons are at the top of biological risk evaluation. They are not, however, comparable with alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiations.

It is astonishing to read the current results of several research institutes, among them the radiation center in Glessen, that cell changes -- from very low radiation dosages – are much more frequent than you would expect, based on our present knowledge.

Only a small amount of radiation proved to be more capable of changing the genotype and to generate cancer than you would expect – especially in relation to much larger radiation amounts. Can a little be too much?

Our present knowledge is sufficient to challenge science to do more research. Questions without answers do not change the facts: there are definite direct relationships between ionized radiation (how radioactivity is sometimes called) and “geopathy;” what medicine calls the consequences of subterraneous water veins and dislocations.

Not only can you measure the increase of radioactivity locally, but also in the blood of the person who is disturbed geologically in his bedroom.

30 years ago, the Wuppertal physician Dr. Aschoff developed the electromagnetic blood test, named after him by medical experts. He and correspondingly trained doctors try to prove, with blood samples, whether a patient is “loaded” or not.

They have detected the same measurements in
the blood of the patients as found near the
bedrooms of the patients: a reaction to ionizing
beams – as a consequence of radioactivity over terrestrial disturbance zones.

Disturbance Zones in Your Blood: The Aschoff Test and Other Approaches

International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology (IBE), www.buildingbiology.net

Page 11

The inventor has already executed 20,000 tests in his practice.

The lab test has been refined and enlarged during the years. Today it presents a large range of interesting diagnostic possibilities for building biology. The measuring of the blood not only generates results on geologically produced effects but also detects other electrical and magnetic loads.

Due to stress from currents and radiation, your blood loses its natural magnetic pattern and is “electrically” depolarized into the contrary sign.

Other doctors, and non-medical healers, use the MORA therapy, the bio-electronic function diagnostics (BFD), the electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) or they use the Vega test, to detect the individual biological reaction to geological or electromagnetic stress factors.


I am fortunate to be able to make local measurements for patients of Dr. Aschoff and other doctors who apply his blood test or other such tests. We work closely together. Thus, the patient has the chance of a double-blind test for his own safety. I can learn from my mistakes because everyone can control and review my findings.

The doctor obtains, from my building-biological measurements, the confirmation of whether his tests reflect the stress influences that I find in the home of the patient.

For the last six years, my statistics show that 200 patients, who had an anomalous “electric” blood test, also had a correspondingly disturbed sleeping place.

After a building-biological sanitation the pathological results changed, and after about four weeks, the biological order, the magnetic blood test re-appeared.

And all tests had a significance of 85 percent!

The MORA test, which has the same reliable results, taken from various physical secretions and excretions, shows a similar significance as the Aschoff tests.

With sensitive electronic devices you can test whether liquids in your body are “anti- clockwise” or “clockwise.” This can be compared with “electrical” or “magnetic,” as in the Aschoff test. Personally, I apply the MORA test and I am always surprised about the reliability of this double-blind test.

If the bedroom is disturbed geologically or technically, then the MORA “turning-test” will also show disorder. If the client has an undisturbed sleeping place, then MORA confirms the biological order.

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As you can see, you don’t have to rely solely on the pendulum or the rod. Certainly there are experts in this field. But you never know who enters your house, and so it becomes a matter of faith or confidence.

I know of only three dowsers who are able to detect terrestrial radiation with a sufficient level of reliability.

Unfortunately, I also know still more dowsers who make up so much nonsense that I cannot understand why prudent people can be taken in by them. I find it especially scandalous when they play with seriously ill people for their own financial gain.

In America, Australia, Sweden, and Germany, many thousand dowsers have been tested thoroughly during the last couple of years. Are they capable or not?

99 percent are not capable. All test results by investigating scientists and universities have shown that.

This has also been my own experience. After 3,000 examinations, I have only found five cases where the results of dowsers have been identical with the physical measurements. And I have many encounters with dowsers. Oftentimes I am not the first investigator in the house.


Professor H. Konig demands measurements instead of assumptions. He prepared, along with other scientists, a research project funded by the Federal Minister for Research (with 400,000 DM) and has only recently published his results.

He tested 500 dowsers. All of them agreed to the test conditions.

The capability of five of them was “with high probability.” That again, is only one percent.

Let me review three case studies.

Case Study # 1: Seven Dowsers

A young lady who was ill ordered seven dowser examinations during one year. Seven times she rearranged her bedroom and moved her bed. Seven times, the dowsers

Official Examinations Prove My Experience Correct: 99 Percent of Dowsers are Not Capable Enough

International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology (IBE), www.buildingbiology.net Page 13

discovered a new “water vein” under the bedroom with rod swings. The real problem?

The bed itself was loaded from extreme magnetic radiators, in the iron bed and springs. Thus, the disturbing zone (the bed itself) was moved around the house, trying to flee from the alleged water vein.

A wooden bed without iron parts in the frame and mattress brought the desired result: the lady recovered. The measuring result: no water veins under the house.

Case Study # 2: The Bed in the Tub

A dowser “discovered” so many water veins and dislocations that no square yard remained stress free for sleeping in the home of a couple with a 12 year-old daughter with cancer.

The family was in despair. They intended to sell their apartment. When the family did not agree to the very expensive “fault-clearing,” they finally found a stress free place – in the bathroom.

My local measurement?

The entire apartment had an extreme loading of 400,000 volts per meter because of an electrostatic synthetic floor. No wonder that the tiled bathroom was without stress. Today they have cork on the floor in the kitchen, office, living room and bedroom. They never have thought about selling their apartment again.

Case Study # 3: The Distant Assumption

A professional man suffering from cancer asked a dowser, who did not even enter the man’s apartment, to give him a recommendation. The dowser made his pendulum swing over the floor plan of the house. Dowsers call this a distant assumption.

Result: 300 Marks and the statement that there is a water vein under the bed. Enclosed – again for 100 DM – was a pencil drawing with chaotic scribbles. The dowser claimed his curing energy had been transferred, with the pencil on the paper, and would provide, forever, for an undisturbed bedroom if the sheet of paper was placed under the bed.

The reality was that the man slept below the electrical supply network of a large building. Changing the bed in the room avoided the high electromagnetic fields. No

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water veins at all. His health condition stabilized within a short period of time.

Anti-Interference Devices

Oftentimes I’ll find a number of “anti-interference devices” during my house examinations. Things like small boxes, blankets, mattresses and plates, flower pots full of pebbles, systematically arranged coins under the bed and futuristically looking antenna arrangements, mysterious interference transmitters, pyramid-like constructions and wires, loops and circles made from copper.

Horseshoes on the room door, cork under the mattress, beer bottles full of holy water in the wardrobe or glass bulbs hidden in the garden.

Colored drawings with all sorts of symbols from all cultures

and religions, ampoules on the wall with mysteriously bad smelling liquids, welded plastic boxes without any contents, emitters of magnetic

waves, packages of peat, straw, highly polished crystals, resonators and absorbers with and without international certificates of unknown associations.

It’s easy to think they’re crazy people. But this is not true. They are just ill. However, none of these things have any effect at all.

How can you screen neutron radiation on the eighteenth-floor of a large building? Yet even doctors have recommended similar useless nonsense.

Every other year or so, a new researcher detects a certain new radiation phenomenon. He calls it by his own name and thus puts himself into dowsers’ history.

If you believe that then you do not find a square yard on the earth without disturbances by some “cosmic” zone. Be they from global or diagonal net or grid zones, from radiation pyramids, cubes, double and geomagnetic zones, telluric radiations and carbon grids. Everything nicely portioned in one, two, three or four different priorities.

Thus, the total cosmic wave jam splits our nice world – crisscrossed from the South to the North, from East to West, into patterns of good and evil – yard by yard – according to inventors: Hartmann, Curry, Wittman, Bereschneider, Mattler, Schneider, Benker, Schweitzer, and others.

International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology (IBE), www.buildingbiology.net Page 15


You see, we have contradictions here too. The number of theories equals the number of people who are working with them. I become skeptical when I hear of a self-called expert who has “the right knowledge.”

We do not, as yet, have such experts. In regard to terrestrial radiation we still have a lot of unsolved riddles beside the ones we now understand. I restrict myself to the peculiarities that we can, and do, measure.

So for any additional assumptions referring to the existence of geological disturbances and their effects, I react with extreme caution.

Is Your House Geologically Undisturbed?

I can define a room or a house geologically undisturbed – but not before at least two ensuring parameters are in absolute balance: the radioactivity and the magnetic field of the earth.

When I am in doubt – and this does not happen too often – I add the measurement of the skin resistance and the air ions. I want to be precise.

If there are indications of geological disturbances, then I always recommend changing the sleeping areas and the medical control as a matter of caution. The positive feedback of patients, and the constructive cooperation with doctors and non-medical healers convince me that I am on the right track.

All approaches of “de-jamming” or “screening” are impossible.

If you can still measure the natural terrestrial radioactive radiation, and the strong magnetic field of the earth at the highest floor of a skyscraper, how can you screen such thoroughly penetrating powers, and with what tools?

I have made hundreds of tests with hundreds of “de-jamming devices.” They are all useless.

The medical controls, according to Aschoff and MORA, confirm this. The only safe “de-jamming” is moving to a geologically undisturbed place.

I hope that I have succeeded in presenting this complex and complicated topic as

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easily and clearly as possible. I am deeply convinced that it is right and important to make a modest contribution, on every possible level, to making our life and our environment more healthy and free from stress. The lack of information is considerable.

Certainly the revelation of building-biological risks is only one of the many mosaic pieces in the large picture of biological stresses. Denatured and devalued food, lack of physical exercise, chemical toxins everywhere ... and the arrogance to think that the way we describe civilization is the totally valid yardstick: all of this can make you sick.


I am convinced – and I say that deliberately – that it is a malpractice, in the sense of holistic medical diagnosis and therapy, not to look at the sleeping place of the patient.

In a time where, in Germany and America, every third person dies from cancer, 350,000 people with heart and circulatory diseases, in a time where every third person is allergic, every fifth person of our affluent society is psychically ill, a time in which 50 percent of the mammals – the human being is a mammal too – become extinct, risks are run beyond calculation – we must take preventive steps.

In such a time, every action that expands our minds and reduces our health risks, no matter how small, must be taken!

Thank you for your attention!

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