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This course is intended for those interested in science-based developments in geopathic stress and how to measure electromagnetic pollution in their homes or office. The course offers a verified method of measuring EMF issues and how to implement verifiable changes to regain a harmonious and healthy living space whilst still living and operating within a high technological environment. This introduction to Technopathic & Geopathic  Stress will hopefully encourage candidates to take more professional certificated courses in building biology.

Some of the issues covered: Geopathic stress, WI-FI, cordless phones, mobile phones & masts, electric fields, magnetic fields, geo-magnetic fields, body voltage, baby alarms, mattresses, and the measurement of earth’s natural energies as bench marks of a natural and healthy environment.

Relevant Health Issues:  Electro-sensitivity, Infertility, ME, Autism, Cancer, Brain Tumours, Fatigue and Stress.

Roy Riggs BSc

Consultant: International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology