Is Dowsing a Science?

I realise that some followers of Classical Newtonian Physics may feel a little uncomfortable with the concept of dowsing. The problem is, however, that not all spheres of existence can be confined to current scientific methods of investigation. It is a paradox that rejection without proof is fundamental to Western classical science, whilst acceptance without proof is fundamental to Western religion. Proof only ever proves that we are playing by the present rules and these rules have been in existence for over 300 years. The way forward is to replace the word ‘proof’ or ‘true’ with the word ‘useful’; physics and religion then appears in its proper place.

How near can we get to an acceptable explanation?
It is known that there are 92 elements, which make up all matter in the universe. Each of these elements has their own unique vibratory pattern as can be seen in a spectroscopic image. As we are also made up of most of these elements we are able to selectively ‘tune’ in to these vibratory patterns the same as we are able to tune into our favourite radio programs. A dowser, by means of training or being naturally more sensitive to nature's vibratory patterns then others, simply uses his 'consciousness' as an instrument to tune in to the frequency of the substance or energy being investigated. This dowsing (radiesthesist) faculty in man appears to be the same used by homing pigeons, dogs, whales, and even moths in finding their way home or finding a mate. In fact, an examination of the antenna of insects reveals that one antenna is negative and the other positive and that they are used for frequency wave selection within the insects environment. We don't have antenna but a finely balanced dowsing rod will amplify the neuro-muscular reflex reaction of the body's sympathic and parasympathetic nervous system as a conscious link to that particular frequency being sensed.

The Way Forward
Marco Bischof of the International Institute of Biophysics Science and Medicine Berlin recently stated, "Due to recent advances in several disciplines the basic features of a holistic biophysics are now emerging that will be based on the intrinsic holism of quantum theory which must include "consciousness". This is a result of a growing dissatisfaction with the reductionism approach of Newtonian Classical Physics. The main point of contention being that it concerns a description of reality by use of isolated independent elementary systems such as quarks, electrons and atoms which is only permissible under certain experimental conditions. These entities alone cannot in any way be considered as fundamental building blocks of reality. The phenomena of dowsing/biolocation using "consciousness" as an instrument of detection can therefore be better understood within this new and emerging holistic approach to health and the causes of ill health at a level of reality where interconnectedness rather than separateness dominates. Medicine and the prevention of disease is moving into a new era where Geobiology and the detection of Geopathic energies by dowsing/biolocation as well as the use of scientific instrumentation is becoming increasingly acceptable.

Dowsing Under Test

Dowsing / Biolocation.

One of the difficulties in accepting the notion of geopathic energies, especially in Great Britain is that some of these energies are still only detectable by means of dowsing. Historically, dowsing has been with us a long time and has a history going back to Ancient Egypt when they used a curled rod called an Ankh or ‘key of life" in many forms of divination. There are also many etchings of mineral dowsers at work in 6th century Germany and in 17th century England.


John Mullins:
One of the most famous Victorian water dowsers was a man named John Mullins who in a professional capacity toured the British Isles finding underground water for both farmers and industry with such accuracy that he both intrigued and bewildered the scientific community at the time. Since then there have been many scientific tests world wide to understand the mechanisms of dowsing and the claims of dowsers with varying degrees of success. Some of the latest and most notable of these tests were;


In 1910 diviners discovered one of the most spectacular oilfields in the U.S. At its peak the California Lakeview No 1 'gusher' spurted a fountain of crude oil 200ft in the air and produced more than 100,000 barrels a day. It was so prolific the price of oil collapsed temporarily  by over 2 thirds.

 R.A.Faulks of the British Institute of Research carried out a number of tests for the MOD to find if dowsers could distinguish between the different types of metal and plastic mines and other buried objects such as concrete and wooden dummy mines. Twelve dowsers were tested, some performing better than others. The outcomes of these tests from the better performing dowsers were less than one in a thousand that the mine detection resulted from chance.

A comprehensive investigation into dowsing was funded by the German Government coupled to a program of research into unconventional ways of fighting cancer. The experiments were carried out in Schloss Risenburg Castle attended by 24 international distinguished scientists and professors. Forty-three dowsers took part in 900 tests, again some fathomed better than others. The end results with the better performers were odds less than 7 in a 1000 that the results could have happened by chance.

Professor Hans Dieter Betz: from the Department of physics Munich University carried out a more recently funded dowsing experiment. He headed a team of scientists to investigate the ability of dowsers to find drinkable quality water in ten different third world countries where geological conditions were particularly difficult for finding water. In Sri Lanka 691 wells were drilled based on advice from dowsers with a 96% success rate. A team of geohydrologists given the same task took several months as opposed to several days by dowsers. The geohydrogists had a 21% success rate. As a result the German government sponsored a 100 dowsers to work in the arid zones of southern India to help find drinkable water.

2006                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Because of the low water table due to insufficient rain over the autumn and spring period drought order bans have been initiated over the South Eastern regions. As a consequence there has been a renewed interest in dowsing by the water companies with the result that Southern Water's leak detection team headed by Basil Forstick are using dowsing rods to locate the leaks; as in Basil's words, "It saves getting all the electronic equipment out of the van and the detection rates are better too." Several  oil and gas companies use diviners to track down new deposits as do the American army to locate both water and underground ammunition bunkers.

Russia (Bio-location)
In Russia dowsing is taught as a science and many top dowsers are doctors, scientists and engineers. Professor Dubrov of the Russian Medical and Technological Academy Moscow is the author of 12 books and more than 250 scientific papers on the subject.

Detection: is very much down to the skill of the dowser involved. To varying degrees, dowsers can detect various energy fields as they pass over them. Some can identify the individual sources of disturbance while others will seek to register if there is disharmony present within the Earth. It is obvious that some can respond to more subtle energies not picked up by advanced instrumentation. The state of the art remains in the human body, after all dowsers have been at work obtaining fruitful results long before the scientists moved in.
It is only in the last few years that instrumentation sensitive enough has been developed to scientifically measure and record these geopathic energy signals. For instance, it is now possible using special cameras to actually photograph light emitting energy from the outside edge line of an underground stream and print the exact frequency of the energy output on a spectrometer. Interestingly, such studies have frequently confirmed the dowsers skills.


Although geopathic zones are said to be the route course of many of these illnesses, it must be said that most people are not exposed to these chronic influences. Not all of these geopathic zones and crossing radiation lines are equally harmful and with the fluctuating nature of them a person who spends time above a single line of radiation, with the exception of the outside edge of an underground stream, or the crossing of a single Hartman Grid line across the head, they are unlikely to be subjected to only minor influences. These minor influences are tolerable in most cases and a generally healthy lifestyle helps to provide adequate resistance.

No two people are alike. Each of us has a body that is unique in its reactions to everything. Geopathic Stress is no exception. Five people exposed to the same frequency for five minuets may experience five different sensations. Equally, the same exposure over a period of years may help to promote the onset of one chronic disease in one person and another in someone else.

Can These Geopathic Energies be Neutralized?

There are many factors that can contribute to an illness. Geopathic Stress is only one of them and it is becoming more difficult to gauge especially when the natural energy field is constantly changed and amplified by man-made electromagnetic fields. If geopathic stress is suspected, it makes sense to move away from the source or to think about dealing with the threat. Moving may be relatively easy but neutralizing it is fraught with many problems. Claims and counter claims abound regarding devises to achieve this, leaving the public in total confusion. From an incredible range of gadgets offered there are many tales about their ineffectiveness or of making the receiver feel much worse. There are many products on the market that claim to cure some or all geopathic zones of its noxious energy. Most of these claims are quite dubious and do not stand up to the most rudimental scientific testing. Fortunately there are now a growing number of dowsers that are equipped with scientific monitoring instruments that can test such claims.

Baron Gustav von Pohl
In 1929 a German aristocrat – Baron Gustov Von Pohl who was an eminent dowser, made the extraordinary claim that cancer was caused by ‘energy currents’ that ran under the beds of the people that had died from the disease. To test his theory he persuaded the Mayor of the Bavarian town of Vilsbiburg to allow him to survey the town for such energies with his dowsing rod. The Mayor agreed and in January that year Baron Von Pohl accompanied by the Mayor and other officials measured his energy lines that ran through the streets and houses of the town. Baron Von Pohl’s energy lines were then compared with the towns record of houses where people had died from cancer during the last ten years, which showed a remarkable coincidence. The Baron was then asked by medical officials of other towns to make similar measurements, which gave like results. When measurements were taken in the City of Stetten, Dr. Harger, chairman of the city's medical scientific association, declared that all such ‘deadly earth currents’ ran beneath the beds of all the 5,348 people who had died from cancer during the last 21 years. This inspired some scientists and medical engineers to probe into the matter a little more deeply.

The war disrupted further research.
In the 1950’s the idea was again explored by Dr. Joseph Wurst, a German scientist and Jakob Stàngle, a German engineer and dowser. Dr Wurst conducted experiments in several German towns, in the rooms of cancer patients and found unusual amounts of gamma radiation in the houses he surveyed using a Geiger –counter. Stàngle, who had a very good reputation of locating water bearing fissures in crystalline rock developed a stintilisation counter more sensitive and accurate than a Geiger-counter and carried out a scientific survey in the French town of Moulins where a local physician, Dr, J Prichard claimed that cancer victims in the town dwelt above geological faults, where Stàngle again found unusual high gamma ray activity.
Whilst Würst and Stàngle thought that gamma radiation from fissures could be a significant cause of cancer more recent studies suggest that this is unlikely as gamma radiation tends to whiz straight through the body rather than causing direct hits on DNA. as would the more pernicious alpha radiation from Radon which is the more likely candidate.

Wolfgang Maes – Researcher
Has recently developed a supersensitive scintillation counter that is claimed to detect another kind of penetrating radiation from water baring fissures – Fast Neutrons. Maes claimed that certain water bearing fissures and fractures emit intense beams of these short lived high intensity velocity particles presumably released from local atoms by alpha particles from radon. [Maes, W ‘Radioaktivtat uber Wasseradern – Tiel 22’ (Wohnung und Gesundheit, No 56, 24-26, 1990) But like gamma rays these fast neutrons would shoot through our bodies causing minimal damage.

Another scintillation counter recently developed by Dr Mersmann can measure each particle group separately showing a spectroscopy of all nucleotides such as potassium 40 and thorium.